GT’s On The Road – Morecambe FanFest

Green Taverners are taking the FanFest on the road for the first time.

Last season we spoke to Daniel at Regent Leisure Park and he asked if we would like to hold a fanfest in Morecambe, so with little hesitation we said yes, so here we are on the 22nd September we will be doing out first fanfest on the road.

A fanfest wouldn’t be a fanfest without the legends that are Rick and Dave, so we are going to bundle them into a coach and get them to perform.

We have limited spaces for the fanfest so please book early

Buy Tickets Now for Morecambe fanfest

Doors Open at 12:00 on Saturday
Price will Include a pint and pasty as normal.

If you buy online tickets will be on the door as normal, Location here – Regent Leisure Park


  • Mark Lewis

    By Mark Lewis

    2 Tickets please for Morecambe

  • Mark Lewis

    By Mark Lewis

    Ha just seen the on line purchase button won’t work on my phone though

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