Peter Reid’s FACup Medal

Due to popular demand Green Taverners have decided to setup a donation button towards a fund to attempt to buy Peter Reid’s FaCup Losing Medal. Thanks to coathypafc from Pasoti who has setup a facebook page for this also.

Peter Reid

I also spoke to Peter Reid on Friday night and he would like to go to auction and not agree a price prior to the auction, as he wants to raise as much as posible from the Auction of this Medal. We would return the medal to Peter Reid if the auction is won.

We will attempt to win this at auction for the fans, however if we are unsuccessful we will be taking the fans guidance on where they would like the money to go,
Should it go to:-
Green Taverners fund
Please vote when placing donation on comment box

It is really difficult to refund the money to people however we could do this for PayPal donations, to do this we would need people to notify us upon making the donation in the comments box on the PayPal page.

Please make sure you use this button below to Donate to the Peter Reid Medal Fund, as the one on right will go into Green Taverners normal Fundraising funds!